Dog Couches for Extra Large Dogs – Which One Fits Your Otterhound?

Most of our pet dogs find it very comfortable to sleep beside our bed. However, it may be space consuming to have them on the bed, especially if they are an extra-large dog like the Otterhound. Besides that, cleaning our bed covers regularly might take most of our time as we need to take off those pet hairs. So, the best solution for this is to buy dog couches for extra large dogs.

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We reviewed here five of the best dog couches in the market that you might consider for your Otterhound. In case you are still undecided about buying one, below are some of the reasons why you need to do so. Check them out below!

Reasons for Buying a Dog Couch for Extra Large Dogs

Essentially, as a pet owner, there will come a time that you’ll need to give your dog a couch, especially if it is an extra-large dog like the Otterhound. Couches generally aim to provide a comfortable and relaxing experience for humans. And for dogs, this furniture gives them a convenient lounging experience. Aside from that, below are the other benefits of giving your Otterhound a dog couch.

Provides more space for you and your dog

The Otterhounds are basically a pack dog, but this characteristic is not a reason for not giving them a space of their own. Usually, when you want to adopt or buy an Otterhound or other dog breeds, it is necessary to include the dog couch as essential furniture for your pet. Yet, if you opt for a dog couch, it is better to choose the right one for your dog. Keep in mind that good dog couches for extra large dogs may last for years and withstand the wear and tear from regular use.

In case you do not want your pet to rest anywhere in your home, it is a must to give a convenient alternative to your bed. Doing this may be very beneficial for extra-large breeds like the Otterhounds. Imagine a 100+ pound dog that easily covers up more space upon your sofa.

Aside from that, this will give you more cleaning to do, especially with an Otterhound that is a moderate shedder. And practically speaking, replacing a dog couch is more affordable than replacing the sofa in your living room.

Dog needs a comfortable sleeping area

The Otterhounds are generally a friendly, affectionate, and loving dog breed. Because of this Otterhound temperament, they deserve to have a comfortable sleeping area. Once you give them dog couches for extra-large breeds, it makes this furniture their own territory.

This will generally give them security, thus allowing them to rest comfortably. Besides, a dog couch offers insulation to let your dog keep their body warm and cozy during cold weather. Meanwhile, good dog couches for extra-large breeds can make the OtterHound feel cool when the weather is warm.

Offers support for your dog

Being an extra-large dog breed, Otterhounds are prone to various health issues such as hip dysplasia and arthritis. That is basically because the skeletons of the large dogs have the function of carrying lots of weight. In addition to this, the hard floor does not offer support for the dog’s joints that trigger the condition. Moreover, a plush and comfortable blanket is not a good substitute for the good dog couches for extra large dogs.

Ways on Cleaning Dog Couches for Extra Large Dogs

A comfortable dog couch is needed by dogs, especially the extra-large breeds, like the Otterhounds, to hold their size during nap time. Most dog couches for extra-large dogs can be cumbersome, most likely when you need to clean them. But, always remember that proper cleaning of the dog couch can keep both you and your pet’s health.

So, regardless if you are trying to remove those doggy hairs or the muddy paw prints over the cover of the dog couch, below is a guide on the proper way of cleaning their lounge.


You must take off as much pet hair from the couch cover before its washing. Removing the pet hair before anything else will help you to have a cleaner dog couch. Aside from that, the pet hair can stick to the wet fabric while inside the washing machine. So, this means that the pet hair will remain on your dog’s couch. That’s why remove it beforehand.

In doing this, use the vacuum hose together with its upholstery attachment. Give priority on the sleeping surface, yet ensure to take off the dust and the fur entirely from the cover. It is also advisable to vacuum the couch in between every washing. This way, the dog couch will maintain its cleanliness for a more extended time.

Removing the cover

Actually, the available dog couches for extra-large dogs have removable covers for easier washing. Primarily, you should remove the entire cover. In case the dog couch cover is not removable, check if the washing instructions indicate that you can wash the whole dog couch in the washing machine. Generally, dog couches for extra-large dogs that are washable should be cleaned in high-capacity washers.

Removing the stain

The dog couch’s simple washing is not adequate to remove any stains from the cover. Ideally, you need to spray it with a stain remover before washing if you found any urine, feces, or mud stains.


Usually, you can either load the dog couch cover or the whole couch into the washing machine. Using hot water, wash the couch or the cover to kill insects and eggs attached to it. Bear in mind to only use a mild detergent when washing because dogs, including the Otterhound breed, are sensitive to chemicals. That will prevent any possible irritation.

In case it is not possible to wash the dog couches for extra large dogs in a machine, hand wash it over a bathtub. Ensure that you rinse the couch or the cover thoroughly to wash out all detergent from the dog couch before its drying.


If you have a large dryer, you can use it to dry the dog couch or its cover. Tumble dry, then air fluff it using a dry sheet to reduce the static effect. Moreover, this step will also help in separating any pet fur that remains on the bed.

Another drying option is air drying. But, make sure that you hang the dog couch or cover in a well-ventilated area. This will allow a good drying and prevent any growth of mildew and mold.

Things to Consider in Buying Dog Couches for Extra Large Dogs

When you decide to give your Otterhound a comfortable lounging and sleeping area, here are some of the things that you need to consider when opting for dog couches for extra-large dogs:

1. Appropriate size

Initially, dog couches for extra-large dogs should have an adequate sleeping surface for doggies to rest comfortably. It should be large enough to prevent the feet and legs hanging over the sides unless it is your choice. Ideally, measure the sleeping space of your Otterhound and filter your search within this criterion. Lastly, if you consider a dog couch, which also serves as a crate mat, it is better to know your dog’s crate dimension before buying.

2. High-quality foam

Keep in mind that a dog couch must have a sturdy feature to support your Otterhound’s weight and relieve any pressure on the bones and joints while resting. Basically, look for a dog couch with dense and human-grade orthopedic foam instead of shredded fabrics. Typically, Otterhounds and other extra-large breeds demand thicker and firmer couch bottom to support their weight.  

3. Safe and environment-friendly materials

Another factor to consider in terms of the foam of dog couches is the dog’s health conditions. Most pet owners want foam made from recycled or eco-friendly materials. Moreover, you should check the one labeled with CertiPUR-US. That means the foam is free of any heavy metals like mercury, lead, and other substances that can potentially harm your dog’s health.

4. Style

When looking for a dog couch for your Otterhound, also take into account its usual slumber habits and personal traits and temperament. If your dog likes to curl up within a small, confined space, it is good to consider a couch with side bolsters. That will generally give them a secure and more confined area. Moreover, anxious dogs will also benefit from this by adding extra privacy and security provided by the bolster. Meanwhile, a mattress-style dog couch is highly suitable for dogs who love rolling around and stretching out.

5. Water-resistant

Generally, water-resistant couch material is vital for dogs suffering from bladder issues. Check for a dog couch that has a removable and washable cover for easy cleaning. This feature is ideal for dogs of all ages, with short or long hair, bladder leakage, or incontinence sufferers.

6. Durability

A dog couch made of durable materials is generally ideal for dogs who are chewers. The heavy nylon or canvas is durable materials that are resistant to dog shedding season. Moreover, this feature is also an excellent factor for those who are even scratching or digging before lying down.

7. Elevated feature for outdoor use

Otterhounds are pack dogs, and they love to run in the farm or the backyard, hunt small animals over the trail and swim. They love adventures and explore the outdoors. With this, it is ideal if you opt for a dog couch that is also applicable for outdoor use, aside from being a comfortable inside lounge.

An elevated or cot-style dog couch is the best option for outdoor use. It has an elevated feature that is raised around a few inches from the ground. That means that the dog won’t be lying on the grass. Elevated couches are also beneficial during the summer as it allows air circulation below keeping your Otterhound cooler.

8. Non-slip bottom

The location of the dog couch is also a thing to emphasize, as well. In case you are placing the dog couch over a wood or tile flooring, it should have a non-slip base to keep it in its proper place. Generally, dog couches with smooth surfaces may slide around as the dog flops on it.

9. Colors and patterns

Another thing that might also impact the location of the couch is the colors and patterns of it. Suppose you plan to place it in your living room. In that case, you probably want a dog couch that will generally complement your décor and not be a piece of furniture that could be an eyesore. Luckily, there are many dog couches for extra large dogs that offer various colors and pattern options. Some have neutral shades to blends well on any décor.

List of Dog Couches for Extra Large Dogs

OUR TOP PICK: Pet Fusion Dog Bed Lounge

Product Name: Pet Fusion Dog Bed Lounge

Product Description: Are you looking for dog couches for extra large dogs that do not tear easily, easy to clean, and will provide extreme comfort for your Otterhound? Well, the Pet Fusion Dog Bed Lounge is a perfect match as it has all the features that you desire. Aside from that, this lounge's design has an attractive design and with modern touches that combine excellently into your home. Moreover, Pet Fusion Dog Bed Lounge is generally suitable for Otterhounds as it is made out of high-quality materials, construction, and features that make it stand out from the rest. Basically, this dog couches for extra large dogs highly provide extreme comfort to big dogs like the Otterhound due to its sturdy memory foam base. It has a size of around 36x28x9 inches, which can generally accommodate Otterhounds weighing 100+ pounds. Another great feature of this Pet Fusion Dog Bed Lounge, it's very easy to clean because the cover is removable and machine washable. Furthermore, the fabric material of its cover is certified as “skin contact safe.”

Availability: InStock

  • Easy to assemble
  • Softness
  • Easy to clean
  • Water resistance
  • Chew proof
  • Easy to remove


Pet Fusion Dog Bed Lounge is one of the comfortable dog couches for extra large dogs including the Otterhounds, due to its material made of thick foam measuring 4-inch. The poly-fill material also stuffed the outer bolster, which can be useful for resting their head. Basically, Pet Fusion Dog Bed Lounge is available in three different sizes, including the extra-large size that can fit your Otterhound. All these great features generally make this lounge a perfect fit.


Contains a firm and supportive memory foam

  • Have fillers made of recycled polyfill bolsters
  • Water-resistant
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Safe for dog’s skin


  • Zipper easily gets broken


Friends Forever Dog Bed Lounge Sofa

dog couches for extra large dogs

Next on our list of the dog couches for extra large dogs is the Friends Forever Dog Bed Lounge Sofa which prioritizes the comfort of your Otterhound. Since extra care is a part of the production process, Otterhound will generally have a solid night’s sleep. It has a cushioned plush poly-fill bolster that offers exceptional comfort for dogs like Otterhounds, especially those with arthritis and joint pain.

Moreover, the material of this dog couches for extra large dogs consist of the liner that is water-resistant and human-grade mattress foam. Friends Forever Dog Bed Lounge Sofa withstands any test, which proves its durability that it can last for a long time. Generally, the couch size of 36x28x9 inches can hold one large dog breeds like an Otterhound up to a weight of 75 pounds. Due to this huge couch clearance, Friends Forever Dog Bed Lounge Sofa is really perfect for supporting the head, hip, and bone of the Otterhound.

One feature of this dog couches for extra large dogs is that it is effortless to clean. It has a removable cover which is washable on the machine and is generally durable. Friends Forever Dog Bed Lounge Sofa also contains zippers made of pure metal material that helps in removing the cover easily. Moreover, its anti-tear cover is fur resistant and heat resistant. Likewise, the couch bottom has a non-skid and non-slip finish keeping the couch to stay in place.

Key Features

  • Has a luxurious bed design that gives a solid night sleep
  • Contains a poly-fill bolster to provide extreme comfort
  • The liner is made of water-resistant material, and the mattress foam is human-graded
  • Tested and proven durable
  • Easy to clean due to its removable and washable cover
  • With non-skid and non-slip bottom to keep the couch in place


Friends Forever Dog Bed Lounge Sofa is one of the best dog couches for extra large dogs such as the Otterhounds. It is very comfortable and has a roomy design due to its grey and chocolate brown color. Generally, it can cradle Otterhounds and other dogs weighing around 100+ pounds. Its machine-washable, anti-tear cover and non-skid base make this a great buy.

  • Human-graded and water-resistant materialnCan last for yearsnEase of cleaningnStays in placen
  • Emits toxic smell

Enchanted Home Pet Sofa Dog Bed

dog couches for extra large dogs

Enchanted Home Pet Sofa Dog Bed is an excellent product on our list of dog couches for extra large dogs. The company of Enchanted Home Pet aims to offer a level of comfort and style that your Otterhound deserves to receive. Generally, all the beds and couches manufactured by Enchanted Home Pet came out with great function and durability. Moreover, the style of this dog couches for extra large dogs, including the Otterhounds, blends well with your home decor.

The Enchanted Home Pet Sofa Dog Bed has a measurement of 32.5x21x12 inches with luxurious cushion. It is also made of wholly upholstered material of construction grade. Additionally, this dog couches for extra large dogs have wood feet that elevate the couch from the ground. This feature also makes your Otterhound draft-free providing additional storage for their toys.

Moreover, the Enchanted Home Pet Sofa Dog Bed materials come from the most durable and softest fabrics. In addition to its main priority, these dog couches for extra large dogs can withstand the repeated cleaning either through a spot cleaning process or machine wash. Basically, the Enchanted Home Pet Sofa Dog Bed intends to keep its new look and beautiful appearance that gives extreme comfort for your Otterhound over a long period of time.

Key Features

  • Contains legs measuring 2-inches each to keep the Otterhounds and other dog breeds draft free
  • Features a storage area for the pet’s toys and other pet items
  • Cushion-made cover which is removable and washable


The Enchanted Home Pet Sofa Dog Bed entails a conventional and contemporary style of dog couches for extra large dogs. Generally, this sofa dog bed can cradle dogs weighing 80+ pounds and above, which is perfect for a female Otterhound’s weight. Due to its washable cover and eye-catching taupe frame with colored-spotted cushion, this dog couches for extra large dogs is worth buying.   

  • With wooden legsnContains extra storagenRemovable cover n
  • Too stiffnOnly available in one colorn

Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Sofa-Style Couch

dog couches for extra large dogs

The Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Sofa-Style Couch should never be out of our list of the dog couches for extra large dogs such as the Otterhound breed. This couch is actually really cozy as it offers extreme comfort for your Otterhound of any age.

It comes with a traditional design of a sofa which has fluffy bolsters with three sides. These bolsters filled with fluffy materials are light in weight yet give great support for this dog couches for extra large dogs. This generally gives an additional cushioned part that is also excellent orthopedic support for dogs and even cats.

Moreover, this dog couches for extra large dogs feature a sleep surface quilted with seam. It runs and stretches within the bolsters for a neatly consistent appearance. The pattern of stitching that Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Sofa-Style Couch has offers additional padding for improved cuddling comfort.

The orthopedic foam bottom of the Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Sofa-Style Couch is also one of its great features. It also has an egg-crate foam center that acts to soothe the pressure areas within the Otterhounds and other pets’ bodies. Due to this, pets can have a very restorative night’s sleep. The design also comes in a peak-and-valley style that acts to enhance air circulation and comfort too.

The foam of Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Sofa-Style Couch is tested by the CertiPUR-US, which aims to guarantee that this dog couches for extra large dogs comply with the content, emissions, and durability standards. This feature is actually a big bonus for your Otterhound’s couch. Additionally, once you purchased this dog couches for extra large dogs, the shipment will undergo a compression process, reducing the carbon footprint.

Key Features

  • Comes with a pooch-friendly style that comes with three-sided bolster for security, head rester support, and cozy nooks
  • The sleep surface has fabric featuring a smooth quilted design for additional cuddling comfort
  • Provides exceptional support to the joints through the cushion pressure points, distribution of pets’ body weight, and enhanced air circulation
  • Offers convenience in cleaning due to its machine washable cover
  • With various color available including Coffee, Navy, Silver Gray, Toasted Brown, and Wine Red
  • Also available in different sizes and dimensions:Small – 20x15x5.5 inch; Medium – 30x20x6.25 inch; Large – 36x27x6.5 inch; Jumbo – 44x35x8 inch;  Jumbo Plus – 53x42x9.5 inch


Having a 44x35x8 inch measurement, the jumbo size of this dog couches for extra large dogs makes it perfectly suitable for most dog breeds such as the Otterhounds. The soft foam bottom of Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Sofa-Style Couch generally aids in soothing the bones and joints of older OH. Moreover, it has a water-resistant poly-canvas base in order not to retain moisture. Because of these fantastic features, this dog couch really stands out from the rest.

  • The cover is machine-washablenBolsters made of recycled fluffy-filled materialsnComes in various sizesn
  • Easily gets tornnNot applicable for dogs experiencing teething and chewing behaviorn

Petlo’s Foam Pet Sofa Bed

Using the best materials for dog couch, Otterhounds can generally feel the most convenient and comfortable lounging experience they deserve with Petlo’s Foam Pet Sofa Bed. It basically has memory foam made of high-density material that stands out from other cheap fillers out there. The Otterhounds and other dog breeds can maximize the outer bolster by using it either as a head-rest or nestling nook.

This dog couches for extra large dogs have a cover with a neutral color that basically matches the house’s interior design. Yet, it has two available color variants to choose from – the Chocolate Brown and Slate Gray. Moreover, its sizes also come in variations, including small, large, and extra-large.

Generally, cleaning the Petlo’s Foam Pet Sofa Bed is very easy. You can spot treat it, remove pet hair from it, and wash it through a machine. Since the cover is washable and removable, there are actually cover replacements available separately.  

Key Features

  • Aside from providing an enjoyable lounging experience, this dog couches for extra large dogs also cater to joint support for Otterhounds experiencing joint pain
  • The mattress material comes from high-density memory foam
  • With water-resistant cover
  • A lesser effort for the assembling process
  • Petlo’s Foam Pet Sofa Bed sizes and dimensions: Small – 27x22x5.5 inch; Large – 36x28x9 inch; Extra Large – 46x3x10 inch


Having Petlo’s Foam Pet Sofa Bed basically helps you rest at ease with the awareness that your Otterhound lounges in a very comfortable manner. The high-grade lounger is easy to clean and requires a little maintenance. With this dog couches for extra large dogs, you can give your OH the extreme comfort they deserve.

  • With memory foam made of high-density materialnEnhances the health, energy, and mobility of dogsnThe cover is removable and washable nHave various colors and sizesnEasy assembling processn
  • Incredible to stuff after washing

Frequently Asked Questions


A: Generally, all breed of dogs, including the Otterhounds, sleep for an average of 12 hours a day. That’s why it is crucial to look for the right bed for your Otterhound. Yet, few numbers of individuals assume that dogs can sleep on any spot within the house.

Perhaps, bear in mind that your pet should not be sleeping on the floor. In fact, Otterhounds and other dog breeds need couches and beds, like us, to rest into. And this couch or bed is very beneficial for them for several reasons.


A: Actually, dogs can sleep on a hard floor, and it might be comfortable for them. This four-legged animal generally prefers to sleep in the coolest area that they can find. Unlike humans, all dogs, such as the Otterhounds, do not have the sense of knowing the right from the wrong. And this is primarily the primary reason they can sleep anywhere, either on hard or soft surfaces.


A: Basically, try to place your Otterhound’s couch inside the bedroom near your bed. This position may be highly beneficial for your pet as they may feel secure because they know that they are close to their owner. Moreover, this will also provide a good night’s sleep for both you and your Otterhound.


A: In case your pooch is allowed to sleep over your bed with you, it is advisable to wash the bedding on a once a week basis. This also applies true for household blankets, which the dog may end up resting on. Moreover, it may be beneficial to have two sets of bedding to change everything on a weekly schedule with reducing hassle.


A: Generally, it is very ok to move your Otterhound couch in any area within your home. Move the couch anywhere inside a similar room or from one room to another. This will basically help your Otterhound to have the best sleep they need.

Final Thoughts

Dog couches for extra large dogs generally offer a comfortable lounging area and sleeping space for your large dog breed like the Otterhounds. There are actually some reasons why you basically need to buy this kind of dog product. However, when buying dog couches, always consider buying the one with an appropriate size, high-quality foam, safe and eco-friendly material, and style. In addition to that, also consider its water-resistant and elevated feature, durability, non-slip base, colors and patterns, and other features that come with it.

In terms of the dog couches, buying a high-quality one is actually a good idea as part of the investment in the long run. Rather than buying a cheap one, it is generally better to stake your money on a dog couch that keeps its durability for a longer time. This will basically give both you and your pooch a good night’s sleep.