Otterhound Cost – An Ultimate Consideration For Buying Your First!

At first glance, an Otterhound may look messy because of its shaggy double coat. But, once you know how unique their personality is, you may want to love this dog breed for the rest of your life. Yet, being an amateur pet owner, the Otterhound cost is one important factor to consider in getting this dog breed. 

The Pros and Cons of Owning an Otterhound

All dogs have their unique characteristics, which make them lovable, furry buddies. Like the Otterhound, their messy look is unmistakable, but their traits are charming enough to own and have them inside the house. However, owning them also entails some disadvantages that you might consider before buying one. Taking note of this and the Otterhound cost will generally help you analyze your buying decision.

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Pleasures of Owning an Otterhound:

Here are some of the positive reasons why you need to have this dog breed despite the Otterhound cost:

Gives feeling of accomplishments

Most people, especially those new to pet parenting, might be overwhelmed with the Otterhound cost and the price of other breeds. However, owning one will generally offer excellent satisfaction. A great accomplishment of being a pet owner is when you have one, and you provide them with a good life by taking good care of them and giving them proper training.

Great companionship

We all know that a dog is a man’s best friend, and it is always true for all breeds. Sometimes, before buying, the Otterhound cost and the price of other breeds may put you in doubt. Yet, after all, you will realize that having them will give you great companionship.

Uplifts your spirit and makes you fit

Generally, owning a dog will open doors for you to walk in the park, have a trip to the beach or accompany you to your daily exercise routine. The Otterhound cost may bother you at first, but owning one will allow you to engage in some fun and play. That is generally great for your body, overall wellness and uplifts your spirit.

A furry buddy to cry on

Some amateur pet owners may feel depressed by knowing the Otterhound cost. But, it is beneficial to have this dog breed when you’re down and lonely because an Otterhound, like other canines, can be a shoulder to cry on. Mostly, the elders find it helpful to keep a dog with them, especially after a personal loss.

Offers unconditional love

Dogs, including an Otterhound, give their owners unconditional love and incomparable devotion that their human counterparts cannot offer.

Disadvantages of Owning an Otterhound

Having a dog is not just for fun or play, but it is more about owning and petting them. With this, here are the disadvantages or the responsibilities that you must take into account. That is generally very crucial to know as it may also affect your buying decision.


Generally, purchasing and owning a dog is very costly. Like any other breed, the Otterhound cost comes with either a purchasing price or an adoption fee. Additionally, it would help if you considered the one-time costs of buying a crate and other doggy supplies in noting the Otterhound cost. Moreover, the Otterhound price can get more expensive through the following recurring costs of owning a dog:


Dog food requirements include a heavy diet containing whole meat. That should primarily come in the form of either homemade food or frozen or prepacked meal. However, meat is costly.

If you do not have enough budget for this, choose a more petite pooch whose food requirement is something you can afford. If this is the case, buying an Otterhound may not be applicable because the Otterhound cost may be too expensive for you.


Generally, the vet’s cost is low once the Otterhound is fed the right dog food, and you do not subject them to annual booster shots. However, skipping those immunological shots may depend on the recommendation of the vet immunologists. Meanwhile, buying an unhealthy pup or purchasing them from an untrusted breeder expect higher veterinary bills.

Moreover, also consider the vet emergency fees and specialist care along with the Otterhound cost. Take note that the dog’s specialist care price ranges from $1,200 under the canine’s knee surgery to $15,000 for cancer treatment. Some pet owners get loans to pay the veterinary bills on top of the Otterhound cost. That’s why it is essential to have pet insurance as you purchase an Otterhound.


Typically, Otterhounds have a long and shaggy double coat. Therefore, they usually need frequent brushing and clipping most of the time. However, suppose you are not used to doing it. In that case, you may otherwise have to pay for a pet groomer, which may also be included in the recurring Otterhound cost.

Requires companionship all throughout the day

This four-legged animal with its big webbed feet is a kind of animal that needs socialization. They usually demand a companion that walks with them most times of the day. So, if you are a busy working person, owning a dog may not apply to you. However, most dogs do not want to be left alone, and this includes the Otterhound.

Otterhound cost
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Demands most of your time

You still need to have enough time for your pup, even if you work or not all day. Dogs will generally demand lots of time for the following doggy activities:


Feeding an Otterhound does not just only require a simple kibble pouring on their doggy bowl. The activity of dog feeding takes more than that.


Puppies need an outside walk for at least two hours a day. Moreover, the moment they have completed the housebreaking training, the Otterhound needs self-relief many times. Keep in mind that the dogs that are holding it for more hours may develop bladder stones.


The dogs want your presence when they have a daily walk, fetching games in the yard, and have a trip to the park. The otterhound has large webbed feet and loves the water.


Brushing the dogs’ teeth, clipping their toenails, cleaning their ears, and trimming their coats demand most of your time.


Another activity that requires you to invest time for your dog is giving them the appropriate training that they need. That is generally important for an Otterhound to grow up to be a well-rounded furry buddy.


Going to the vet may need you to accompany your Otterhound. But, again, make sure that you generally have enough time for this.


In case your Otterhound suffers from a disease, the vet may give instructions in providing proper medications. No one can give this kind of care to your dog but you. The following are the healthcare-related directions that demand your extra time:

  • Administration of medicines at least three times a day
  • Keeping them on a leash for around four weeks
  • Changing of bandages or medicated patches
Needs fencing the yard

This one is a significant disadvantage of owning a larger dog like the Otterhound. Without fixing a fence in the yard, for example, it may require you to take out your dog on a leash during a bathroom break. It’s unfair for an Otterhound because they have a large body build. Fencing the yard must be taken into account on top of the Otterhound cost.

Calls for your patience

Most of the time, the numbers of dog activities and the Otterhound temperament require your utmost patience and, for some, a strong stomach. Here are some of those activities:

  • Standing outside for about two hours to do the housebreaking
  • Acknowledging a dog’s activity of chewing your shoes
  • Waking up in the middle of the night to see bloody diarrhea around the bedroom
  • Dog drools on your clothes or furniture
  • Bandaging a paw that is full of blood
  • Inserting a rectal thermometer
  • Plucking a tick from their coat
  • Finding out your hardwood floor full of scratches from your Otterhound’s toenails
  • Vacuuming dead hair off your puppy over the floor
Expect to conduct reading and researching

Before buying an Otterhound or any breed of dog, you must do your research to ensure that the Otterhound cost is not compromised.

Understanding that the two of you are different creatures

Generally, a four-legged animal is far more different from a two-legged individual. Otterhounds may be considered a furry buddy, but they are fantastic creatures full of talents and unique abilities as animals. Moreover, our way of thinking is more complicated than the dog’s thought processes.

Bear in mind that what the canine sees, hears, or understands, your perception is highly different. Also, it is crucial to remember that the dog’s perception is what counts. However, constant communication with your dog is essential for it to understand you in return.

Growth and age of your dog

Generally, the life expectancy of an Otterhound lasts for about 10 to 13 years on average. So, knowing this, owning an old Otterhound may be one of the major disadvantages and also a primary factor in considering the Otterhound cost. You may not have them for those long years if you buy an older one with that said life expectancy.

Otterhound cost
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In a shorter time frame, they might die, which will generally make your heart shatter. If it’s your first time owning a dog like an Otterhound, it is highly essential to look at the advantages of having them. That is also a significant consideration in terms of the Otterhound cost.

Willingness to make compromises

Once you get an Otterhound or any dog breed, prepare yourself to make any compromises in place of giving favor to your dog’s needs. For an Otterhound, they may live for around 10 to 13 years, so make sure that you will be able to commit at least 10 to 13 years of your life to provide the proper care and happiness that they deserve.

That is similar to raising a child in which you may give them love, teach them, discipline them, laugh with them, or cry with them. Raising a child may eventually let your relationship changes as they grow and become independent and go out on their own. However, there is a difference in taking care of your Otterhound. They always consider you as their world in their whole life span.

Otterhound Cost in Terms of Purchasing or Adopting

Now that we finally know the perks and drawbacks of owning an Otterhound, it may let you decide to buy this breed or not. But, another thing that can affect your buying decision is the Otterhound cost. How much does an Otterhound generally cost?

There are two ways of owning an Otterhound: purchase it or adopt it. When you adopt this breed, you can get it at a lower cost. Adopting them may lead you to come up with an Otterhound cost of about $300 on average. That will generally cover the price in terms of caring for the dog before their adoption.

On the other hand, the Otterhound cost of purchasing from a trusted breeder is highly expensive. The usual Otterhound cost ranges from around $1500 to $4500, depending on their breeding.

Where to Adopt an Otterhound?

Generally, the most convenient way of adopting an Otterhound is through the rescue shelters that know this dog breed well. Start by making a breed search, which will let you see the available Otterhounds near you. You may find that there are several local shelters or animal rescues that offer the great Otterhound breed.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the Otterhound cost will significantly help you in your buying decision of this dog breed. There are also advantages and disadvantages of owning one that you might consider and may affect the total cost of owning this breed. However, once you are ready, and have decided to buy one, then you can either adopt an Otterhound from a shelter or rescue or purchase a new one from a breeder. Generally, this will highly depend on your budget and your pet parenting ability.