Otterhound Puppies For Sale In Pa: A Great Opportunity Awaits For You!

Black and Tan OtterhoundAre you looking for the pet you wish to take care of? Do you know the pet store having the otterhound puppies for sale in Pa? 

Are you a dog lover? Are you familiar with the Otterhound dog?  Taking care of this type of dog is uncommon for most breeders and pet owners. They are not familiar with Otterhound dogs because they are rare. This dog was discovered and developed in medieval England to hunt and destroy otters, although hunting otters became illegal along the way. They are likely to be great hunters, either inland or in water because they have an extreme sense of smell that they use when hunting and chasing their prey. 


The Otterhound is also considered an endangered breed because of its fewer population. Around 350-450 of the population live in the United States and Canada, almost 1000 of the population now living worldwide. These dogs have the characteristic of having a thick shaggy coat that is waterproof and weather-proof. They also have big webbed feet, and the Otterhound comes in different colors.

Otterhound dogs are known as kind, friendly, and fun-loving dogs. They are also loud and independent dogs. When it comes to them playing with a child, they become so energetic that sometimes they hurt the child unintentionally. This dog is not a  breed that is clingy to its owners and other family members. These dogs also need extra exercise whenever they are at home. 

Otterhounds are generally healthy; however, they have genetic health issues that should be taken care of and need to be checked by a veterinarian. If you are one of those individuals who would love this type of breed,  there is a place in the United States with an Otterhound breeder, and they currently have Otterhound puppies. This breeder is located in Pennsylvania. 

They breed not only Otterhound dogs but also other local breeds. When you purchase and buy an Otterhound dog, they will also provide you with all the information and health clearance. However, before buying a dog, you need to check if that is a good breeder. Can they provide you with a health certificate to show that dogs undergo some tests and state that they are healthy? There are also other things you need to consider when buying Otterhound puppies. Visit the Otterhound Club of America and find the latest list of breeders and everything else relating to this breed. 

Are you the right owner to have an Otterhound? Can you provide the needs of these breeds? These are the common questions you can ask yourself and need to consider before buying it. If you can provide all these Otterhound’s needs, then you can have your puppies

Things You Should Be Aware of Before Buying Otterhound Puppies

1. No Small Dogs Inside Your House             

If you want to buy Otterhounds dogs, you must ensure that no other small dogs live in your home. It is knowing the fact that this breed is a large dog. So having a small dog live with an Otterhound in your household, some tendencies may hurt small dogs. Because of having a large size, there are possibilities that they will chase small dogs and make them their prey.


Despite being the friendly behavior of Otterhounds to children and small dogs, they can be aggressive, too, especially if they are not trained already to socialize with other dogs and people. Therefore, if you take care of a small dog and plan to buy an Otterhound, this will be a good idea.

2. Fenced Yard

Wanting to take care, Otterhounds need you to provide a fenced yard at least 6 to 8 feet high. Providing this fenced yard when you want to take care of Otterhounds gives an essential role in their safety. Otterhounds are known to be independent dogs. There are instances when you are away from home for an extended period. And once you come back, Otterhounds will greet you but expect that they will not follow you into every room and corner of your home. 

Somehow, because this breed is an independent dog, there are times that they are left alone. However, if left alone too much, they will feel bored. They will start barking, digging up the soil that leads to destroying your flower garden, and they are trying to escape. Otterhounds also have an extreme sense of smell; if they smell something good and exciting, they will search for it everywhere until they find it. Having a fenced yard is one of the most important things to ensure that your dog is safe and secured

3. Get Them To Socialize

Get your dog to socialize with other dogs, whether they are small and large size. That is one of the essential parts of having good behavior towards other dogs, people, and other places. Ideally, the best time for your dog to socialize is as early and young as they are. Being mixed with others plays a significant role in how they react when they see other dogs and people when they are young. That may also prevent them from becoming fearful and aggressive towards others. 

You can socialize your dog by taking them with you when you go walking or jogging. Or you can take them to the park where they can mix with other dogs and people—exposing them also to a new situation, experiences, and noises. Sometimes dogs get to be fearful and aggressive not only because of meeting new dogs and people. But the noise, new situations, and experiences lead them to be. It would be best to expose them during puppyhood to get used to those situations when they reach adulthood. Lawnmowers, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, fireworks, and others can trigger them to be aggressive or fearful. 

4. Teach Your Dog Some Basic Command

As soon as you bring Otterhound dogs into your house, you can start by teaching them the basic command. Either you enroll them into an obedience class, or you can teach them inside your home. Most importantly, you provide them with some basic training and commands that will make them safer and socially acceptable inside your home as a member of your family. One characteristic of Otterhounds is that they have an independent nature. 

That will be a challenging part when training and teaching them some basic commands. But it will be possible if you are patient and skilled with them. Otterhounds do not respond to harsh training, yet they respond more in an encouraging and rewarding atmosphere. Teaching your dog does not require an extended period, for at least 2-3 minutes of training is good enough for them. The most important thing is that you and your dog will enjoy the training session. For a puppies otterhound saying a “no” command must be the first word to teach your puppies. Saying a No command is a signal for your puppies to stop what they are doing. 

There are also other basic commands that you must teach your dog to learn, such as the command heel, come, stay, down and sit. When your dog is showing you good behavior, reward them with praise. Unlike other breeds, you can reward them with praise and a treat by giving them food when they exhibit good behavior. However, remember that an Otterhound dog has an extreme sense of smell. 

They can smell if you have food and when you don’t. Treating them with food is helpful for training, yet giving them a treat is not always good for successful training. If you always give your dog a treat, they will think that they are training because of this. And when the treatment is not available, Otterhound will likely choose to hold out. The key is you both reward them with praise and a treat.

5. Engage Them In Exercise

A most common reason for pet owners when they want to engage their dog in exercise is because of their health. Thus, the other reason to engage your dog in activities is it may also affect their behavior. Otterhounds are an energetic breed with a great deal of stamina; they need to exercise daily. When you go out to do your daily exercise, you can take them with you. You can take them when you go for a walk or jog. Otterhounds can also do some exercise even when they are at home. But at least provide them with a safe and secure area. 

They can go swimming frequently, the fact that this breed is built to be an expert swimmer. Exercise is also an excellent way for Otterhound not to be bored. When your dog is not getting enough exercise, they will find ways to entertain themselves. However, entertaining themselves is not in a good way, such as non-stop barking, trying to escape, destroying your garden, and digging up the soil. To prevent this, engage them continuously in an exercise and don’t leave them alone too much.

6. Consider Their Health Care

In general, Otterhounds are healthy dogs; however, just like other breeds, they are prone to getting sick to specific health conditions. If you want to buy an Otterhound, you need to consider that you can afford to have a monthly check-up at a veterinarian. Just like other dogs, Otterhounds are also prone to getting severe health conditions. One of these is having Hip dysplasia that is rampant and inherited from Otterhounds.

That is a severe condition for Otterhounds that seek medical help. You will notice that your dog has hip dysplasia if they show signs of lameness or pain in one or both of their legs. However, other dogs don’t show any sign of dysplasia after all. The best way to know is through an X-Ray screening. Otterhounds are also at risk of having gastrointestinal syndrome called bloat. This disease usually occurs in a deep-chested breed.

And Otterhounds belong to them; this condition is a life-threatening disease. This condition is a cause of feeding them a large amount of food, drinking a lot of water after eating, and doing some extreme exercises after eating. You can suspect that your dog has this condition if you notice that they are salivating a lot and vomiting without throwing up. Once you see this sign, bring them immediately to the veterinarian to seek medical help. Your dog can die if it can’t get medical attention directly. 

With this, it is essential to find a good breeder before you buy a puppy. To start this, you can talk to a veterinarian, contact some local breeder clubs. With this, you can get enough information and recommendations where you can find a good breeder. You can say that they are a good breeder if they can provide you a health clearance once you buy a puppy. Have a look at the America Kennel Club website.

The health clearance must be documented that the dog you are buying has no health issues. The local breeders must also show you documentation that they tested the parents and grandparents of the puppy for some hereditary conditions. Through this, you are ensured and secure that your puppy is healthy until they become adults. That is also a significant advantage for you in saving a lot of money.

7. If You Can Provide Them With A Meat Heavy Diet

When buying an Otterhound dog, you also need to consider if you can afford to provide them a meal for their heavy diet. Taking care of otterhounds requires you to spend more money on the type of food they are eating. Meat is usually one of the main ingredients of their food. Knowing that meat of any kind is expensive, some of the most common meat that you can serve otterhounds are chicken, turkey, duck, salmon, beef, and many more. The first ingredient must always be an animal-based protein source. Before feeding an Otterhound, you will also depend on their age, weight, health, metabolism, activity level, build, and budget.

You need to make sure that you feed with the correct number of meals a day to maintain their fit and healthy body. The most recommended daily amount of food you need to serve your dog is 3 to 4.5 cups of high-quality food divided into two meals. Take note that other dogs are sensitive and have an allergy to some foods. Before feeding them, at least check the food source. You can provide them a portion of food through homemade cook, commercial raw, and commercial cooked food. What’s most important is that you feed your dog nutritious food that will nourish and stay healthy. 

Otterhounds are prone to be overweight, so you need to watch how much food they take when feeding them. Do not overfeed your dog, instead serve the food that is enough for a lump of meat, and do not leave the food available at all times. It would be best if you also controlled the fact that Otterhounds have a great sense of smell. Therefore, you need to hide the food in safe food storage or a drawer that has a safety lock. Through this, you can prevent them from getting and attacking the food instantly.

8. Commit To Regular Trimming And Brushing

If you commit to trim and brush Otterhound regularly, then you can be the rightful owner of this breed. Otterhounds need to get trim regularly to prevent a messy look and keep the coat short. The fact that this dog has a thick shaggy double coat. It would be best to do frequent brushing and combing the hair to prevent a matted mess. Please take note that Otterhounds’ hair often sheds, so it needs brushing at least once a week to avoid matting. Once the coat of Otterhound becomes lengthy, you can clip the coat shorter to prevent this from being untidy.

However, it takes about two years to grow the coat back to its original length. Somehow Otterhounds are also prone to shaggy dog syndrome. Just like other dogs that have a long shaggy coat, it becomes a messy dog. Because of having long hair, there are possibilities that muds, leaves, debris from outside, dust, and fecal matters will hold onto their coat that will leave you and your house dirty. 

So it is highly recommended that if you can’t clip the coat to be short, you just at least trim the coat once a week to prevent this from happening. And if you are the type of person that is meticulous in cleaning the house, buying an Otterhound or other breed that has a shaggy coat is not suitable for you.

Final Thoughts

Otterhounds are usually the breed of dog where you can train them anytime. The more that you train a dog when they are just puppies, the better! That is an indication that they can protect themselves from their fellow dogs and humans as if you wish to train an otterhound, it is a big part of them growing up. When you decide to get a puppy at home, you need to make sure that you can handle them and as well as you can take care.

One of the essential things, wherever you buy a puppy, as a gift or just your dream, it serves to be responsible. Being responsible fur parents will come a long way. That will help them mold into a great dog, and they can protect themselves in the future. 

So, are you planning to get an Otterhound puppy today? If you want to know about the adoption of Otterhound puppies, read this article for more information.