Outdoor Dog Runs for Large Dogs – Our Top 3

Are you throwing a party at your house and worried about your dogs roaming around? Generally, large dogs may scare some of your visitors, but confining them in a safe place is the best solution. Yet, you still want them to play and enjoy their day. Considering this, it is good to go after the outdoor dog runs for large dogs.

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As we go along, we will share the top three outdoor runs available in the market. Moreover, we will also give you some reasons for needing this kind of product and the factors for buying it. Check them all out below!

What is a dog run, and why is it important?

A run is a space provided for dogs that have fences so that your pet can play and have some exercise without getting inside your home. However, the dog run is usually more extensive compared to a kennel. These runs maintain your pet’s safety in a confined area, serving as a solution in case you want your dog out for a while. Below are valuable benefits of having outdoor runs:

Keep the dog out of the way

There may come a time when dogs should be away from your side, and they may have to be confined in a separate space. For example, there is some activity inside your home, and your pup’s presence is unnecessary. So, outdoor runs are crucial in this matter. 

Offers convenience

If you throw up a party inside your house, some visitors may attend with their kids. Children may not be comfortable being around unfamiliar pets, especially if the dog is large enough for them. They might generally get scared of your big pooch. That’s why putting them in outdoor runs for large dogs is essential. 


These runs have various sizes available. Yes, dogs may be confined in a particular area, but they are not locked inside a crate. Therefore, they still have sufficient space to run around and play their hearts out. 

Dogs may be able to take in some fresh air

Since most dog runs are situated outdoors, this is an excellent opportunity for them to run outside and breathe fresh air. This situation may also be beneficial for the dogs to feel the natural breeze during the summer season.

Suits into your dog

Some types of runs generally fit the needs of your furry buddy. It has sufficient space to let them run with all their needed amenities. Adding a bed or their favorite toy can address their happiness.


Letting the pooch play inside the run may allow you to leave them without strict supervision. With this, you know that the dog is safe.

What to look for when buying outdoor runs for large dogs

Generally, outdoor dog runs for large dogs must be highly safe and provide ultimate security. It must essentially adapt to the changing weather of the outdoors and the wear and tear coming from your dogs. When you want to buy outdoor runs for large dogs, here are the things that you should consider:


The materials for creating these outdoor runs include stainless steel, galvanized steel, and heavy-duty metal. Generally, various materials offer a broad range of durability and rust protection. In addition, outdoor dog runs for large dogs utilize multiple materials to secure the dog inside the enclosure like wire, chain-link, metal, or heavy-duty plastic. 

Remember that some dogs are classified as escape artists and can break weak materials. That’s why considering their temperament is essential regarding the material of the outdoor run. 


Generally, outdoor runs for large dogs also need to be significant in size. That is because the pen’s dimension should depend on the size of your pet and the number of dogs to be enclosed inside the enclosure. This factor also helps guarantee that it will provide sufficient space for your pet to move and play around. Additionally, it would be best to consider the size of all those accessories you’ll be putting inside the dog runs, like beds or water bowls.

An average of around 20 square feet is the typical size of the dog runs for medium breed dogs like the Labrador and German Shepherd. Meanwhile, a 26 square foot measurement is the average size of the outdoor dog runs for large dogs, including Otterhounds. However, these can vary based on your dog’s needs and personality.

Moreover, considering the kennel’s size also depends on its target location where it would be placed. For example, putting it inside the apartment necessitates you to buy one size or two of the recommended size. Aside from that, a cage is highly suggested for a puppy for growth purposes. 

Weather resistant

Outdoor dog runs for large dogs need to be sturdy and able to withstand all weather conditions. 

Covered roof

Some pens come with top-coverings made of various materials like a tarp, canvas, and weather-resistant fabric. Usually, the roof of the outdoor runs has UV protection properties that protect the dog from the harmful rays of sun, rain, and snow during the winter.

Number of doors

Choosing, you may need to consider the kennel doors and even their door size. That will generally allow your pet safety when moving in and out of the playpen.

Locking system

Dogs are naturally smart, which makes them easily outwit some of the locking systems of playpens. Luckily, some kennels have dog-proof doors, while others still need a padlock.


Some dogs are generally good diggers. Because of this, they can usually escape from the pen by digging in the dirty floor. Therefore, it is essential to consider flooring or kennels with digging bars when looking for outdoor runs.

Top 3 Outdoor Dog Runs for Large Dogs

OUR TOP PICK: Foldable Metal Pet Playpen

Product Name: Foldable Metal Pet Playpen

Product Description: The thing that makes the Foldable Metal Pet Playpen our first outdoor dog runs for large dogs is its ability to provide more space for pets to play and have their exercise. It has an enclosure that generally offers great interaction among pets while enjoying their space to stretch out. With a measurement of about 24 by 24 inches in terms of height and width, the Foldable Metal Pet Playpen is highly suitable for small pets that do not climb up to taller pets measuring up to 16 inches. Moreover, this outdoor dog runs for large dogs comes with a foldable panel that gives about 16 square feet of an enclosed area.

Availability: InStock

  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to hold
  • Maneuverability
  • Sturdy


The Foldable Metal Pet Playpen is basically applicable for everyday use as it has a really sturdy built due to a durable metal structure. For a rustproof effect and protection, this outdoor dog runs for large dogs have sleek black finish. So, if you are looking for a dog run that has a simple yet versatile way of setting-up and flatly folds to suit compact storage, this Foldable Metal Pet Playpen is the best choice.


Product Information


Product dimensions (LxWxH): 26 x 25 x 3 inches

Product weight: 15.98 pounds

Size: 24 inches

Material: Metal

Color available: Black



Exercise and playpen that is highly portable

Easy to set up in just seconds

With durable metal material

Good for both indoor and outdoor use


Closure bar and holes are not aligned making it hard to close


Lucky Dog Pet Resort Outdoor Playpen

Outdoor dog runs for large dogs

The Lucky Dog Pet Resort Outdoor Playpen entered our list of outdoor runs as they believe every pup needs a good home. This run keeps the dog happy every time and, at the same time, makes them feel safe while they are playing. Despite being stylish, setting up this dog run is easy and follows a secure manner.

This outdoor dog run comes in a lovely square pen, which is highly waterproof. In addition, the deco roof snuggly fits over it so that the dogs inside will be protected from outside elements. Aside from that, the Lucky Dog Pet Resort Outdoor Playpen materials generally come of the highest quality.

Making this outdoor run for large dogs uses pure commercial-grade steel with seam welding to provide optimal strength. The Lucky Dog Pet Resort Outdoor Playpen does not contain any aluminum substance, making it a bonus. Moreover, to create an excellent finishing touch over this outdoor run, this playpen undergoes two Tiger Drylac powder-coating applications, which are highly eco-friendly. 

Product Information

Item dimensions (LxWxH): 48 x 48 x 52 inches


Item weight: 49.8 pounds

Size: 4’4″H x 4’W x 4’W

Color available: Black


If you opt for this outdoor run, you would never go wrong as it is straightforward to assemble, easy to lock, and clean. In addition, the Lucky Dog Pet Resort Outdoor Playpen is an excellent buy with its powder coating for rusting protection.

  • Comes in modular setup for simple and easy assembly
  • Made of 100% commercial grade steel frame
  • Waterproof
  • Not sturdy enough

Iconic Pet Metal Tube Dog Pen

Outdoor dog runs for large dogs

Generally, the owner’s peace of mind is the main reason why this Iconic Pet Metal Tube Dog Pen is one of the best outdoor dog runs for large dogs. It provides dogs the freedom and security that they deserve. Aside from that, the sturdy feature of this pen allows a yard-like experience while playing. So if you want to give your pet a convenient playpen, this dog run is perfect for them. 

This outdoor dog run is a safe spot for various pets during heavy-duty training and exercise. The Iconic Pet Metal Tube Dog Pen contains eight-panel metal tubings providing safety, portability, and versatility. It also includes double latch door access with round corners and comes with an easy setup process. 

Iconic Pet Metal Tube Dog Pen is lightweight, making it easy to carry. With its different available shapes, this outdoor dog run is suitable for various ways of use. Moreover, this dog pen is highly expandable. Another set of cages can be connected to the first layer pen for extra fencing. 

Product Information

Item dimensions (LxWxH): 85 x 85 x 48 inches

Item weight: 66 pounds

Size: 48 inches

Material: Metal

Color available: Varies


Generally, the Iconic Pet Metal Tube Dog Pen is an excellent addition to your pet’s life. The versatile design offers outstanding safety and security for dogs. In addition, because of its easy setup, you could enjoy assembling and disassembling these outdoor runs for large dogs. Aside from that, the dog may also love this because of its security during their playing or training time.

  • Sturdy
  • With 8 interlocking panels
  • Consists of heavy duty material
  • Fast assembling and disassembling process
  • Easy to break by pets

Final Thoughts

The outdoor runs are generally helpful to offer your pet a great playing and exercising experience. It also lets them be safe in your garden, even if you are not around to supervise them. However, opting for a dog run needs you to consider the material they are made of, the size of the playpen and the dog, the locking system, and other features that come with it.

Additionally, considering buying a high-quality dog run may lead you to have a good investment in the long run. So, instead of opting for a budget-friendly one, putting your money in a run that maintains its durability over the years is an excellent idea.