Top AKC Otterhound Breeders: Finding Your Perfect Furry Companion

Otterhounds could be the ideal breed for you if you’re looking for a devoted, loving, and adventurous canine companion. These distinctive and endearing canines are renowned for their shaggy look, excellent swimming ability, and lively dispositions. However, finding a trustworthy Otterhound breeder capable of offering you a healthy, well-socialized Otterhound may be difficult.

Our ranking of the best A.K.C. Otterhound breeders will help with that. In this post, we’ve prepared a list of some of the best reputable Otterhound breeders in the nation. These breeders can assist you in finding the ideal canine companion, whether you’re searching for a puppy or even an adult dog. So let’s dig in and learn more about otterhounds and the breeders that adore and look after them.

Origin of Otterhound Breed

Old British breeds like the Otterhound date back to the 1100s. The Otterhound is a sizable scent hound that is the only one bred to explore the water. It is distinct from other hounds due to its rougher, double coat & huge, webbed feet.

Otterhounds are terrific family pets with a strong sense of humor and pleasant nature. Initially, they were employed in packs to hunt river otters. They are exceptional in tracking anything involving their keen sense of smell. They like obedience, aesthetics, agility, rallies, and others are trained as therapy and rescue or search dogs.

Otterhound Breeding

Breeders of otterhounds are experts with much knowledge and expertise about otterhound form, movement, temperament, and puppy development. As a result, your breeder ought to be a lifelong source of information on anything otterhound. Any problems, queries, or health issues with your breeder initially.

The O.H.C.A. Code of Ethics requires your breeder to assume responsibility and ownership of their puppies. They will do so cheerfully if you cannot give your Otterhound a secure, loving, and caring home. We are fortunate and happy that relatively few Otterhounds reach O.H.C.A. Rescue since breeders place a high value on the puppies they have whelped.

Working with your pup’s breeder to decide whether to breed or gather necessary reproductive materials for future breeding is advised if you are considering it. As the Otterhound is an endangered breed with a bleak future, talking with your breeder about these alternatives can help secure the breed’s existence for many generations.

A.K.C. Otterhound Breeders

akc otterhound breeders

On their website, the American Kennel Club (A.K.C.) lists breeders with Otterhounds registered with them. Although the A.K.C. publishes a list of licensed breeders, it does not advocate or suggest any particular breeder. Therefore, it is your responsibility to carry out due diligence, elicit information, and confirm that the breeder you select is dependable, moral, and committed to the welfare of the animals. Here is the list of American Kennel Club otterhound breeders.

Blue Fairy Otterhound

As American Kennel Club Otterhound Breeders of Merit, we must advance, safeguard, and defend these fantastic canines. They are among the most endangered canine breeds, with fewer than 800 Otterhounds remaining worldwide. Learn about them!

The everlasting homes for the 2022 Blue Fairy Pups have been found. During 2022–2023, we do not yet have any breeding plans. Visit the Next Litter page for the latest changes. Also, you may interact with us and contact us through our Blue Fairy Facebook page. Get social now!

Our goal is to spread the message. The most recent estimates indicate that there are fewer than 800 Otterhounds in the globe. They are regarded as one of the world’s most endangered canine breeds and are even rarer than Giant Panda. Learn more about these majestic dogs!

Otterhound Club of America (O.H.C.A.)

There are only about 800 Otterhounds in existence globally. However, this is a list of breeders that the O.H.C.A. has approved! The A.K.C. Breeder of Merit program honors ethical breeders who have gone far above and beyond regarding genetic testing, health concerns, temperament, & individual care of puppies before placing them in good homes.

Before starting the ownership adventure, the O.H.C.A. advises potential otterhound owners to do their homework on the breed and the breeders. Large canines like otterhounds might not fit in all households. In addition, breeders anticipate that potential purchasers will have many questions about pups. Similarly, breeders will have many questions for potential owners to ensure their hounds go to the right home.

Although if the breeders on the list are in excellent condition with O.H.C.A., the club cannot guarantee or assume liability for any deals made or disputes that arise between the breeders, as mentioned earlier, and potential customers.

Kiowa Creek Hounds

You will find A.K.C. Breeders of Merit status in a rural area known as Kiowa Creek Hounds in Colorado’s eastern plains. We are Susan & Wayne Plucheck, and we reside in a rural area 35 miles east of Denver, south of Bennett, Colorado. Kiona Creek Hounds like living in the country and have six Otterhounds, five horses, one Spinone Italiano, several bucking bulls, and one barn cat.

We first encountered Otterhounds in 2009 when visiting the Denver dog show. We went there mainly to admire all the different kinds of dogs rather than to watch the events. When we asked a woman working in the grooming section what kind of dog this large, hairy dog on the grooming table was, she replied, “Otterhound.”

We decided to learn more about the breed and then get in touch with a breeder when we were ready. After waiting around nine months, we got in touch with a breeder and learned that the father of her litter resided in Colorado. We met the family and instantly fell in love; the rest was history.

We expanded our kennel with a Spinone Italiano in September 2020. On March 25, 2017, we welcomed our first Otterhound litter with the Kiowa Creek moniker. There were two females and four boys in the Little Rascals litter. On April 25, 2021, we had our second litter of Kiowa Creek Otterhound puppies. Six males and five girls were in the Animal House litter. Finally, we welcomed our third Otterhound litter on September 19, 2021. Three males and seven girls made up the 70’s Rock litter.

Con Cara Kennels

We breed at Con Cara Kennels in Springfield, Illinois, to help protect the Otterhound breed’s future and enhance the beautiful qualities already present in our dogs. Our breeding program aims to produce puppies with the best health, temperament, & appearance while preserving the distinctive features particular to Otterhounds. We take great pride in our dogs as their offspring and work to improve and maintain the breed with every litter.

Please apply if you’re interested in a puppy from Con Cara Kennels. For the breeder to assist you in finding the ideal match, you will be asked to supply information about yourselves and what you are searching for. After your application, Ron will contact you to discuss availability, cost, and the next steps.

OHeavens Otterhound

We appreciate you showing interest in our otterhounds. Please visit our website, and we hope you enjoy taking a virtual tour of our Oheavens lives. How did Oheavens get started? It all began in 2001 when I visited a friend’s new litter of Otterhound puppies. We fell in love at first sight, but finally, we got a brother & a sister from that litter. After that, we started a breeding program since we had such a deep love and enthusiasm for keeping this breed alive.

But the problem was what we called ourselves. One day, as I sat in the kitchen, I saw our Taffey girl flail her tongue frantically to pick up a potato that one of her kids had dropped while lying on her side with her head as far as it could go beneath my country buffet. I said, “Oh my Heavens, Taffey, what else are you going to do?” while laughing in shock. With devotion to my faith, my collections of angels, and our dogs’ repeated usage of the OHeavens phrase.

Ironquest Otterhounds

Welcome to Ironquest Otterhounds, where I work hard to breed robust, healthy, and adaptable Otterhounds who can thrive in various sports and make fantastic family pets. I am an A.K.C. Breeder of Merit and a proud preservation breeder.

Four Pillars Otterhounds

Deborah & Joe Follett are Four Pillars’ owners, breeders, and handlers. We belong to the A.K.C. Breeders of Merit and the Otterhound Club of America. By including diverse dogs with various pedigrees in our breeding program to broaden the diversity of dogs, we want to develop the Otterhound breed.

It’s crucial to comprehend what possessing an Otterhound implies before inquiring about one. Otterhounds are an extremely rare breed that dates back thousands of years. Being scent hounds, odors trigger brain activity in them. The otterhound is a trustworthy family member that frequently serves as your pack leader. Otterhounds are covered in great depth by the Otterhound Club of America, an A.K.C. breed group.

Catskill Otterhounds

We are Lisa & Kris Kaschak, together with Wally, Otterhound Mama Eunice, Herman, Dottie, Beulah, and Addy, an Otterhound child we jointly own (the Shih Tzu). First and foremost, we adore our dogs as our pets and devoted friends! Our dogs participate in all family outings. We expect you to, too! While working toward our Champion, A.K.C. Canine Good Citizen, and Grand Champion certifications as Owner Handlers, we enjoyed learning and growing closer to Eunice.

As Eunice retired, “the kids”—Herman, Beulah, Dottie, and eventually Addy in the whelping box—came into focus. So check us out, and consider Otterhound.

Hunter Hounds Otterhounds

For over thirty years, otterhounds have been integral to our life. They give us companionship, safety, and amusement as we nurture, breed, and exhibit them. We’ve always raised both breed and mixed-breed dogs.

Although it has ancient roots, the otterhound and otterhound is an English breed with a long history. One of the oldest English breeds is this one. It was created around King John’s reign (1199-1216). These are a handful of the queries that people frequently ask us. You may discover the answers to these questions and more on the Otterhound Club website. I’ll respond to them depending on our own experiences.

Finding a Reputable Breeder

akc otterhound breeders

Your first — and most crucial — step to discovering your new best friend is locating a reliable breeder you can rely on. Breeders are priceless resources since you can depend on them for the whole of your dog’s life and serve as a link between yourself and your ideal puppy. Consider a breeder as your advisor on all things dog-related, from picking the perfect dog to providing for it for life.

Conducting your research before committing to a breeder, as with any extensive choice, is crucial. Here are some pointers for locating and cooperating with a reputable breeder:

Meet the Breeders

Meeting a breeder in person, whether at their kennel or their house, is the greatest way to get to know them. While it might not be feasible at COVID-19, request a video conference so you can meet your breeder & their dogs. Inspect the breeder and the dogs: Are the facilities tidy? Odor-free? Does the breeder appear to have a sincere love for dogs? Are the dogs appropriately fed? How do the dogs behave with the breeder and outsiders? Both dogs and pups should be active with others and not be afraid of the breeder.

Pose Inquiries

Working with a reputable breeder has several advantages, one of which is that you can rely on them for the duration of your dog’s life. There is no such thing as a stupid inquiry, so be ready with a list of questions regarding the breed or the puppy when you visit with a breeder for the first time.

See how they respond. Do they understand your inquiries? Do they provide straightforward explanations? Do you think your relationship is strong? Reputable breeders are delighted to impart their experience and want to see their dogs live out their lives in happy, loving homes.

Look at the Breeders

Observing his breeders is the best approach to predicting how your dog will develop! It will enable you to gauge your dog’s temperament, size, and look.

Get a Complete Medical History.

Reliable breeders would be delighted to provide documentation of health examinations, such as certificates from the O.F.A. and C.E.R.F. Also, they will describe any common health issues in that breed so you know what to look out for in the long run.

Be Patient.

Expecting to meet a breeder and take a puppy home on the same day is unrealistic. Typically, the breeder will maintain the puppies at the kennel for the initial two to three months of their life so that they may develop and socialize with their mother and other puppies. This transition is crucial because it will allow you time to prepare your home for his arrival by purchasing the items you’ll need and puppy-proofing it.

Check out our Bred with H.E.A.R.T. and Breeder of Merit programs.

Breed qualities and healthy, well-mannered puppies by A.K.C. Breeders of Merit (B.O.M.) members. See available pups from Breeders of Merit in the A.K.C. Marketplace or learn more about the Breeder of Merit program. In addition, breeders bred with H.E.A.R.T. have undergone additional training and adhered to strict health requirements. See available pups from breeders participating in the Bred with H.E.A.R.T. program or learn more about it on the A.K.C. Marketplace.

The A.K.C. Standards

akc otterhound breeders

The American Kennel Club (A.K.C.) Standards are the standards and principles used to judge purebred dogs based on their appearance, temperament, and behavior. These requirements, unique to each dog breed, serve as a guide for breeding programs, dog competitions, and other purebred dog-related activities. For example, the optimum size, shape, kind of coat, and color for each breed are all specified in the A.K.C. Standards, along with the temperament & personality characteristics that are distinctive of the breed.

Breeders & pet owners alike frequently seek dogs that meet the A.K.C. Standards since they are seen to be of the highest caliber. Breeding programs that emphasize the A.K.C. Standards are much more likely to result in purebred dogs who are handsome, healthy, and true to their breed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualities does A.K.C. Otterhound breeders need to have?

Look for an A.K.C. Otterhound breeder devoted to producing healthy, well-behaved puppies who are informed about the breed. They ought to be happy to respond to any inquiries you have regarding the breed and ought to be able to offer you health certificates for both the breeders and the pups.

Can otterhounds make good pets for families?

Otterhounds may indeed make wonderful family pets. They are renowned for being kind, amiable, and frequently lovely to kids and other animals. To avoid harmful behavior, they do, however, have a strong drive for hunting and need regular exercise & mental stimulation.

Otterhounds, like other breeds, are susceptible to specific health problems. Bloat, Hip dysplasia, & ear infections are some of the most typical issues. Therefore, it is crucial to pick a breeder that checks their dog breeders for these and additional health problems.

What kind of exercise do Otterhounds require?

Otterhounds are a breed with a lot of activity. Thus they need to exercise frequently to keep healthy and content. In addition to taking lengthy strolls and treks and engaging in other outdoor pursuits, they benefit from cerebral stimulation provided by puzzle toys & training drills.

What kind of grooming do Otterhounds need?

Otterhounds have a dense, shaggy coat that has to brush and groomed frequently to avoid matting and tangles. They should be groomed at least once weekly; however, more regular brushing may be necessary during the shedding season. They should also have their ears routinely examined for infections.

Are otterhounds rare?

Despite its attractiveness and friendliness, the otterhound is now an uncommon sight and in danger of extinction. There are just a few hundred otterhounds in existence today. A record-breaking 349,013 puppy births were documented during the pandemic puppies boom of 2021, yet only 42 were otterhounds.

Final Thoughts

A.K.C. Otterhound breeders are essential to preserving and promoting the Otterhound breed, a distinctive and unusual canine variety valued for its cunning, intelligence, and hunting prowess. These breeders create strong, well-mannered young dogs who abide by the A.K.C. breed criteria and are helpful in various activities, such as hunting, companionship, and more.

Breeders affiliated with the A.K.C. Otterhound are doing their part to protect this magnificent breed for future generations by being committed to good breeding procedures, outreach, and education. If you’re considering adopting an Otterhound, conduct your homework on reputable A.K.C. Otterhound breeders and think carefully before deciding. Do you want to know the otterhound breeders Maryland? Click Here!

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