Otterhound Breeders USA – How to Find One?

Among all the dog breeds, Otterhounds are very rare to find, especially within the USA. However, despite being low in numbers, potential pet owners in the US seeking this breed are increasing. So, to own this dog breed, try to get in touch with those Otterhound breeders in the USA. As we go along, we will share helpful tips in getting an Otterhound, where to get them, and finding a trusted breeder that can provide you with this one-of-a-kind dog breed.

Otterhound Fast Facts

The Otterhound is rare within the US because this breed exists in lesser numbers. The Otterhounds are available either through purchasing or adoption. Yet, whichever of the two methods you opt for in getting an Otterhound, here is the necessary information about this breed that you must have to know.

  • Nickname:  Otterhound
  • Breed Group:  Hound
  • Height:  23 to 27 inches
  • Weight:  70 to 120 pounds
  • Life Span:  10 to 13 years

Otterhound Basic Information:


One thousand years ago, the Otterhounds were believed to come from Britain. However, there are lots of speculations for the exact origin of this dog breed. Most people presumed that it was a breed combination of Bloodhound, Foxhound, together with Rough-Coated Terrier. Yet, only one kind of Otterhound existed and no breed mixtures are known.

otterhound breeders USA
Image Courtesy of UK Pets
Lifespan and Physical Attributes

Generally, an Otterhound can live up to 10 to 13 years of age. They are basically huge dogs that weigh around 70 up to 120 pounds. Upon standing, they have a height of almost 23 to 27 inches.

Purchasing or Adopting an Otterhound

As we have mentioned, you can rarely find an Otterhound in the USA. In the American Kennel Club, you may find out that among the 189 breeds of dogs, only one is extremely popular, and the remaining is the least common. From here, the Otterhound’s position in the 166th ranking.

Finding this breed is difficult, so is the Otterhound breeders USA. However, if you still want to own an Otterhound, there’s no need to worry as you can either find otterhound puppies for sale in US or adopt them.

Otterhound Adoption from Animal Rescue Centers

Since the Otterhound is very rare in the USA, you might also find it challenging to find an Otterhound. In case you really want to have one, the other option available for you is to adopt from Dog Rescue Centers. Just ensure that these rescue groups are connected with the national club of the said breed.

There is the Otterhound Club of America rescue or OHCA if you want to adopt one within the US. You may generally reach them on their website at Bear in mind that finding a new home for abandoned Otterhounds is the main focus of this kind of rescue group for Otterhound.

It is essential to commend, and as much as possible, support these rescue groups as they generally offer excellent service for all the dog breeds. Specifically, the Otterhound Rescue group is an organization of the Otterhound Club of America, which is primarily responsible for rescuing all purely bred Otterhounds within the US and Canada.

They are basically prepared to take any needs of the Otterhound in terms of permanent housing. Luckily, these rescue Otterhounds are very rare due to the reason that most Otterhound breeders are taking back the dog that they bred.

Perks of Adopting a Rescue Otterhound

Generally, adopting the breed of an Otterhound from a rescue center recommends the prospective family to have an adjustment period. That will generally allow the dog to feel at ease with their new home. At the same time, this will also enable the adopting family to get accustomed to the newly adopted pet.

Otterhound Adoption from Local Animal Shelters

Another available option for you to own an Otterhound is to contact or go directly to the local animal shelters.

Purchasing from a Reputable Otterhound Breeders USA

Generally, the best way of having an Otterhound is to buy from a trusted Otterhound breeder USA. Keep in mind that these Otterhound breeders will match the exact details of the dog’s appearance. You may also search on your own and look through the Breeder Referral Page of the Otterhound Club of America. Their website is

How to Find an Otterhound Breeder?

Below are helpful ways in landing on a good Otterhound breeder:

  1. Try to reach and communicate with the Otterhound Club of America or the American Kennel Club.
  2. Watch some dog shows or talks of Otterhoud handlers who have the capability to give referrals on getting a puppy. Again, you may also get in touch with the American Kennel Club to obtain the relevant details of the upcoming dog shows.
  3. Communicate with the breeders listed on the OHCA website. Talk with them and try to schedule a visit.
The difference of a Reputable Otterhound Breeders USA and Irresponsible Breeder

Primarily, to tell that the Otterhound breeder is good, you must ask the vet, pet groomers, and other pet owners. They may generally know who breeders within your area are. Moreover, you can also contact the local kennel club near you to check on this.

otterhound breeders USA
Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Here are some tips on identifying the trusted Otterhound breeders USA from a flopped one:

Take a visit on the breeder’s kennel

The cleanliness and the good smell of the breeder’s kennel are among the best indications that they are good breeders. Generally, if you see various numbers of dogs inside the kennels, be aware as there is a great potential for puppy milling. Moreover, it would be helpful if you will be given a chance to see the entire litter or one of the puppy’s parents.

In having your tour inside the kennel, check if the animals are well-fed and healthy. They must not have runny noses or teary eyes. Most importantly, observe around and check if the available Otterhounds are afraid of the breeder. These things may usually help you to tell that the breeder is generally reliable.

Knowledgeable about the breed

The good Otterhound breeder should have all the knowledge regarding the breed standards, temperament, and others that comes into it. Although the Otterhound breed is very rare, a good breeder has all the knowledge about this. To test their knowledge, ask them, and they must patiently answer all your queries regarding the Otterhounds.

Ask some information about you

Generally, there may come a time that the Otterhound breeder may request to meet your whole family. Besides that, they may ask something about you, your way of living, and your family status. Don’t be surprised about this as they want to ensure that the animals coming from them are in a safe and responsible place. Moreover, below are some of the basic questions that a good Otterhound breeder may ask you:

1. Is there a time in the past that you owned dogs most likely an Otterhound or a member of a hound family?

Deciding to own a dog; especially an Otterhound needs the prospective owner’s familiarity with the breed. That generally guarantees a higher rate of success in putting a puppy in its new environment of living. Aside from that, it is an added bonus if the buyer already had experience in having an Otterhound or other members of the hound family.

2. Why do you need to purchase an Otterhound?

Generally, it is highly essential to identify if a large dog like an Otterhound is the right one for you. Aside from being big, this breed has a good appetite but with deeply loud bays. Unfortunately, some neighborhoods do not accept the loud baying of dogs.

Moreover, giving an Otterhound a good bath is very challenging for most pet owners. Knowing that they are a large breed, you must prepare yourself for devoting around 10 to 13 years of your life to taking care of this big furry buddy.

3. Where is the location of puppy in your home?

Otterhounds are very friendly and affectionate, which may lead them to demand companionship from their family or other pets. The best place to put the Otterhound is in a location where care must be given to them appropriately by any family member.

otterhound breeders USA
4. What is the length of time that your puppy will be alone during the day?

If you are just a novice pet parent of an Otterhound, better to keep the following information in mind. A good Otterhound breeder is always reluctant in sending an Otterhound puppy to a new home where it may be left alone over a long time. 

5. Are you willing to send your Otterhound for spaying or neutering?

Generally, spaying or neutering, not only the Otterhound, is a requirement of most breeders.

6. Is the recurring care and maintenance cost on top of the purchasing price of the Otterhound affordable for you?

An important thing to consider before your buying decision of any dog breed is the recurring Otterhound cost of caring for and maintaining the health of your pooch.

7. What are the ages of your children, if there is any?

Most families who want to raise a puppy also like to let them grow up with their kids. A good breeder will want to offer you the right puppy appropriate for your family. They may generally like to know about your family status and dynamics.

7. Is it a unanimous decision of your family to buy an Otterhound?

Keep in mind that in case the other family members do not agree to choose this dog breed as the pet of their choice, then do not go for it.

Concerned about the animal for long period of time

A good Otterhound breeder may generally require you to sign up a contract stipulating your overall responsibility in taking care of the Otterhound. Moreover, take note that a good breeder always makes a follow through on the way of the animal’s lifestyle even if you already got them home. Besides that, they are still eager to answer your questions even if the pet is already in your home.

Give references

Please note that a good Otterhound breeder may generally offer as many references like a veterinary reference as possible once you ask for it. 

Offer plenty of information

Once you adopt or purchase an Otterhound from a good breeder in the USA, it is a must to register them on the American Kennel Club. With this, a trusted breeder should give you all the information that you need for the registration process. The details must include the training schedule, feeding requirement, and the appropriate vet care required.

Provide a return/refund policy

Keep in mind that a good dog breeder is generally willing to replace your Otterhound puppy or give a refund if genetic illnesses appear within the life of an animal.

What to Ask for?

Another option to completely identify if the Otterhound breeder is a reputable one is to ask for the following details:

Breeder’s experience

It is essential to know the length of time the breeder has been growing this dog breed. Aside from that, check if the breeder is already a member of the breed club.

Dog’s health history

Another vital question to ask for a good breeder is the Otterhound puppy’s parents’ health history. Verify if they were screened out for a specific type of canine disease related to the Otterhound breed. Additionally, ask if the parents of the puppy are registered with the OFA. Check the following information to identify the trusted breeders. The authorized Otterhound breeders USA have the following documents available on hand.


That is a certification authorizing that the Otterhound has a normal hip condition. Both parents of the Otterhound puppy should possess this certificate.


Generally, the DNA testing for canines is proof of their normal blood-clotting disease or commonly known as thrombasthenia. In case the breeder couldn’t show any certification regarding this health concern, then it means that the Otterhound puppy has a high risk for this disease.

Dog’s breed temperament

A good dog breeder must have the ability to enumerate the Otterhound’s basic characteristics once you ask. They may also have the idea of the best family type suitable for this dog breed.

Final Thoughts

Otterhounds are a very rare dog breed within the USA. Some may find it difficult to find an Otterhound. You can still try to get assistance from the Otterhound Club of America or the American Kennel Association in owning this dog breed. Moreover, purchasing or adopting a dog breed of this kind may necessitate you to look for a reputable breeder. Be prepared in asking all the relevant questions that you may ask, and as much as possible, honestly answer all the questions of those breeders. That will generally help you to land on a good Otterhound breeder that will provide a well-rounded Otterhound for you.